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Tips to businesses on how to protect themselves from hacking.

Hackers are increasingly targeting small businesses, making cybersecurity measures more important than ever.   


With larger companies beefing up their cybersecurity measures, small businesses have become attractive targets for hackers.  Mosaic Insurance provides tips on how to best protect your business from small business hackers with these tips.

1.) Install Antivirus Software: Antivirus software and malware can protect your computer from software that can get on your computer through downloads and links.

2.) Back up all of your files:  Although this doesn't seem important.  Hackers will ransom your companies information to get your to pay them to gain it back.  

3.) Be wary of Emails & Downloads:  Links in emails and downloads that you get can often have negative software attached to them that attacks your computer from the inside.  It is best to only click on or download files that you are sure are safe for your computer or business.

4.) Install software & operating system updates:  This enhances your computers security.  The longer an operating system is out the more viruses and problems that occur with them.

5.) Use Complex Passwords: Weak passwords are an invitation for hackers.  Also avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. 

6.) Use a Secured WiFi Password: WiFi connections at coffee houses and other places are unsecured.  Often your computer or a hacker can attack you while you are linked to unprotected networks. 

7.) Train your employees: Make sure that your employees follow all of the same practices of the business that you are using.  They should be careful what they click on, what internet they use and the passwords they set up. 

If you are interested in more information on cyber security and the threats that hackers could cause on your Prescott business contact Mosaic Insurance a call at 928-458-7374.



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