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Tips for parents of newly licensed Prescott drivers

Mosaic Insurance can help give you peace of mind by reviewing insurance coverage for your Prescott home and automobile.Can you hear your newly-licensed teen revving the car in the driveway? Were they just on the phone promising to pick their friends up and cruise Prescott? Don't panic. Mosaic Insurance has helpful suggestions to encourage your teen to be a responsible driver.

Demonstrate trust

Leave behind the rigid posture, muffled gasps, and white-knuckle grip you assumed when you were teaching your teen how to drive. Part of your training was emphasizing the pleasure of good driving and the consequences of bad driving. Demonstrate that you not only trust your teen to drive responsibly but reinforce that they can also trust their own judgment.

Be honest

If you're going to invest in the latest technology to track your teen's driving, tell them. Trusting them doesn't mean that you don't want to keep an eye on them in the beginning. The fact of the matter is you have good reason to be anxious. Car accidents caused by teen drivers are the number one cause of death among teens. As they develop their safe driving habits you'll develop the confidence to stop tracking them.

Set reminders

Whenever your teen gets behind the wheel, remind them to buckle up, stay away from the phone, check in after reaching their destination, and be home by curfew.

Be the passenger

A good way to notice any bad habits and put a quick end to them is to ask your teen to take you along to their events or to take you on your errands. Driving to sports games or practices, to dance lessons, trips to the mall or the grocery store will let your see firsthand how well your teen is driving. The more teens drive, the more experience they'll have to handle difficult weather and unexpected situations.

Mostly importantly, your teen is likely to follow your lead. If they've seen you drive responsibly, they are apt to do the same.

The professionals at Mosaic Insurance know watching newly-licensed teen drivers drive away can be a stressful time. You can lessen the stress by making sure your car and drivers are properly insured. For a review of your auto coverage, call Mosaic Insurance, your local insurance agents in Prescott, at 928-458-7374.



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