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The importance of home alarms

It doesn't matter if you are in a house, condo or apartment, Mosaic Insurance explains how smoke alarms and carbon-monoxide detectors are something you must absolutely have. They are important because they can alert your family in the event of a fire or if a deadly gas is detected in your home.

Mosaic Insurance discusses the importance of home alarms on homeowner's insurnace in Prescott

You should install smoke alarms inside every room where people sleep, in the kitchen and hallways. There should be at least one on each level of your home. Alarms that are available can be hard-wired into your home’s power supply or ones that run on batteries. It is a good idea to test them regularly and replace the batteries twice a year.

Consider smoke alarms that can be linked, so when one goes off, all of them sound. Other options available are alarms with strobe lights (for the hearing impaired), voice commands instead of loud beeping and even alarms with lights to see better in the dark.
Carbon monoxide is odorless and deadly gas which kills about 400 people in the U.S. each year. If your home has gas appliances or a wood-burning fireplace, you may be especially at risk. There are battery-powered and plug-in CO alarms and some may be linked to smoke detectors.

Natural-gas detectors can provide an alarm for propane and CO leaks. If you have gas appliances or own an RV, this is a good option for you.
Radon Detectors provide constant monitoring of this deadly gas. You may also begin with a single-use radon test to help determine if a problem may be present.
If you live near a nuclear power plant, you might want to monitor the amount of radiation in your home.

There are many more options for home security. They range from do it yourself security systems, which include cameras and the ability to see what’s happening at your home via your phone or other electronic device. You can also sign up for monitoring by a separate security company.

Some alarms can provide benefits beyond safety, as well. Installing them may help you qualify  for a discount on your insurance. Contact Mosaic Insurance at 928-458-7374.



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