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Decreasing Distracted Driving

We’ve all done it.  No matter who you are at some point you have driven while being distracted.  Drivers are often putting on makeup, making phones calls, texting, reading the newspaper, dealing with their children, eating and much more.  Mosaic Insurance in Prescott wants to open our eyes to the consequences of distracted driving and provide possible solutions to drivers.  Mosaic Insurance provides tips on distracted driving and how it can affect your auto insurance in Prescott.

If you’ve been following the news this year, you’ve noticed a few stories mentioning some of these statistics and tying them to rate. A recent AAA report shows 87% of drivers engaged in some kind of risky behavior behind the wheel.

Many distractions exist while driving, but cell phones are a top distraction because so many drivers use them for long periods of time each day.  The National Safety Council estimates one in four car crashes involves cell phone use.

New technology in vehicles isn’t any better.  It’s causing us to become more distracted behind the wheel than ever before. Fifty-three percent of drivers believe if manufacturers put hands-free technology in vehicles, they must be safe.  Make no mistake: This multitasking technology is about convenience, not safety.

Distracted driving is a deadly behavior.  Federal estimates suggest that distraction contributes to 16% of all fatal crashes, leading to around 5,000 deaths every year.   Our latest research has discovered that distraction "latency" lasts an average of 27 seconds, meaning that, even after drivers put down the phone or stop fiddling with the navigation system, drivers aren't fully engaged with the driving task.

The Governors Highway Safety Association recommends these 9 tips to avoid the most common of distractions:

  • Turn your phone off or switch it to silent
  • Record a message on your phone that tells callers you are driving and will return their call
  • Pull over if you need to call
  • Use your passengers to make or take a call
  • Don’t text and drive
  • Prepare if you need to use your devise for GPS
  • Secure your pets.  Unsecured pets are a distraction
  • Mind the kids and pull over if the situation is necessary
  • Focus on Driving.

The best way to end distracted driving is to educate all Americans about the danger it poses. You can also reach us by phone at 928-458-7374.



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