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What you should take along for your summer road trips

Make Mosaic Insurance your choice for specialized insurance in PrescottNo one wants to stay at home all summer - it’s time to travel! We were created to travel - especially during these warm and sometimes downright scorching months. In fact, air-conditioned cars were designed to transport us into unexplored parts of the world. There are trails to hike in the cooler mountain forests, there are rivers to raft, and cold, clear streams for great swimming. Mosaic Insurance, your insurance specialist in Prescott, offers these helpful summer travel tips.
Priority number one: Food!

No one who is thinking clearly would ever go on a vacation trip without fun things for lunch and snack times! Think along the lines of your favorite snacks plus food that will be nutritional and high in protein, and will give you energy for hiking, biking, swimming and other summer sports. Make sure it is properly stored (for example, food that is perishable must be kept in a cooler within an appropriate temperature range).

Some nutritional snacks:

  • Trail mix - Great for protein and energy - and it tastes great. You can save money by learning how to make your own.
  • Granola - Easy to make, and you can also take granola bars.
  • Vegetables - Cut up your favorite fresh veggies and take them in a cooler with some ranch - so good!
  • Fruit - Always good and easy to pack.
  • Beverages - Soda, fruit juice, and WATER. Always make sure you have plenty of water. You can become dehydrated quicker than you think, especially if you are traveling here in Arizona. For your safety, make sure you have plenty of WATER.

First aid supplies:

  • Sunscreen - VERY IMPORTANT
  • Antibiotic ointment (or spray) with pain reliever
  • Gauze, cotton balls and swabs
  • Bandages (all different sizes)
  • Over-the-counter allergy meds
  • Stomach antacids
  • Anti-itch ointments (for bug bites and poison ivy)
  • Tweezers
  • Any other personal health items you may need


  • Soap and hand sanitizer
  • Towels and paper towels
  • Toilet paper - even if there are public restrooms - they may be out
  • Wet wipes - handy for many things

Auto kit:

  • Jumper cables
  • Ratchet set
  • Screwdrivers (both types)

We’ve covered some important things to take when you hit the road this summer. Once you’ve taken a few summer road trips you can build your own list adding things you wish you would have taken on previous trips. Mosaic Insurance, your trusted insurance agency in Prescott, wants you to have a great time on your summer adventures! And for all of your insurance needs, including auto coverage, call us at 928-458-7374.



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