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We suggest a review of general liability coverage for your business

If you're a Prescott business owner, these tips from Mosaic Insurance about general liability coverage are for you. General liability insurance is a must have for business owners. The following is to help Prescott business owners better understand what general liability insurance does and does not cover.

Situations typically covered by General Liability Insurance

Litigation, Settlements and Investigations
If you are sued or damage charges filed against you, your general liability insurance will cover the insurance company's costs to investigate and the attorney's expenses, any resulting judgment or ruled settlement, the medical expenses resulting from injuries and the costs of bonds if they are posted.

Injury damages
If claims from property damage from your products, your location, your property, or your operations arise general liability insurance will protect you.

Having general liability insurance means being covered for things that may not have occurred to you such as copyright infringement, meaning if your advertising results in violating another's copyrighted work. General liability insurance can even offer some protections against accidents that are alcohol-related.

Situations typically not covered by general liability insurance coverage

On the job injuries
Employee injuries should be covered by workers' compensation, not general liability insurance.

Professional mistakes
Professional liability insurance, not general liability insurance, is designed to covered professional mistakes that can be a result of offering your opinion, service, recommendation or solution in the course of doing business.

Auto-related coverage
Auto insurance, not general liability, is intended to cover against motor vehicle accidents.

Punitive damages
It is unusual for general liability to cover awarded punitive damages though it might happen.

Intentional acts
If, for example, you have an employee who assaults one of your customers and you are sued, general liability insurance will not cover the injuries or damages resulting from your employee’s deliberate act. On the other hand, if your employee acted in self defense of either himself, another, or your company, your general liability insurance coverage would apply.

Don't put your business at risk by being under-protected. If you don't have commercial general liability insurance in Prescott, or if you would like a review of your existing coverage, call one of the professional insurance agents at Mosaic Insurance today at 928-458-7374 for an evaluation and free quote



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