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Ways to Keep Your Home Safe for the Holidays

keeping your Prescott home safe for the holidays - Info from Mosaic InsuranceSometimes we take many things for granted during the Holiday season. Mosaic Insurance would like to remind you that one thing you should not take for granted is the safety of your home. Sure, the holidays are fun with decorations, presents, shopping and fun with friends, but make sure you take time to ensure your Prescott home stays safe and secure!

Keep Travel Plans Offline - If you are planning to be out of town for the Holidays, don’t post it online. That’s like putting up a sign saying that my house will be empty from this date to that date. If you have to post online about your holiday travel, why not wait until you get home and show all the photos of friends and family that you visited.

Do Tell Your Neighbor - Find a neighbor you can trust and ask them to keep an eye on your home while you’re gone. They can pick up the throw away paper that lands in your driveway, keep you mail from piling up and sweep off the sidewalks in case of snow. You’ll want to make sure your house doesn’t advertise that there’s no one home while you’re gone.

Hide the Gifts - Why take the chance that a burglar will be tempted by those pretty gift-wrapped items. Keep your tree and gifts away from the windows where they are an open invitation for a burglar. You’ll also want to keep those everyday electronics out of sight as well, like iPads, laptop computers and DVDs.

Check Out the Lights - Before putting lights on the tree or outside, check to make sure they do not have bare wires showing or cracked or broken bulbs. This will help prevent accidental fires. You’ll also want to make sure that any extension cords you use have been tested and approved by an independent laboratory like the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) to be sure they are safe and won’t overheat. You may also want to put an outdoor timer on the lights to ensure they come off and turn off each day.

Inspect the Furnace and Chimney - Take the time to have a professional check out your furnace and chimney each year before you start heating your home. Buildups in the chimney and heating vents can be a fire and health hazard.

Another way to keep your home safe is to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage on your home. Mosaic Insurance in Prescott can help you get and maintain the insurance coverage you need to protect you, your family, and your belongings. Please contact us at 928-458-7374.



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