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Traveling this holiday season? You need traveler's insurance

travelers insurance in prescott by Mosaic insurance agencyPlanning a trip this holiday season? Have you considered the benefits of travel insurance? There are many financial risks when traveling. Some of the unfortunate issues that can appear out of nowhere may have been completely unforeseen and could not have been properly planned for. Others come with experience and knowing the most you can about your destination. Mosaic Insurance, your local independent insurance agency in Prescott, brings you some facts about travel insurance for your consideration before your next scheduled trip.

Each time you travel there is a potential that things may not go to plan. Depending on how far in the future you have planned this trip, and what the overall expense entails, travel insurance may be a good deal.

Minimize financial risks from:

  • Accidents
  • Illness
  • Missed flights
  • Canceled tours
  • Lost baggage
  • Theft
  • Terrorism
  • Travel-company bankruptcies
  • Emergency evacuations

For some travelers, insurance may not be a good deal considering some of the items above may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance, medical coverage, or even the credit card used to fund the trip.

How much is peace of mind worth to you?

Insurance coverages and rates can vary widely, with most packages costing 5%-10% of the total trip. Supplemental policies can be added to cover specific concerns, such as identity theft or political evacuation. Various sub-types are generally sold in combinations. Rather than buying only baggage, medical, or cancellation insurance, you'll usually purchase a package that includes most or all of them. "Comprehensive insurance" covers most of anything imaginable.

What are the chances you will need it? This is a hard question to answer, however during uncertain weather-related events, political turmoil, or less than favorable luggage handling at the airport, it may be a good idea. Would you like to discuss the need for travel insurance for your Nanna’s 75th birthday bash? Contact Mosaic Insurance, an independent insurance broker in Prescott, for more information. We would love to help you have peace of mind on your next trip. Contact us today at 928-458-7374



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