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Tips to protect the equipment you use in your business

What happens when a vital piece of equipment used in your business breaks down? Mosaic Insurance shares tips to protect the equipment in your Prescott business.

When your computers, printers, and other equipment work properly, your business often runs quite smoothly. But when a vital piece of equipment malfunctions, you're stuck until it is repaired or replaced. Not only do you have to pay for the servicing, but you may lose revenue as your business deals with the problem. Business equipment insurance eliminates that risk by covering your equipment repair costs and even reimbursing you for lost income.

Equipment breakdown insurance can actually cover quite a wide range of unanticipated disruptions, such as:

  • A web-based enterprise whose servers are damaged
  • A business office complex that has a power failure
  • The convenience store that loses a refrigeration unit
  • A hospital that breaks a piece of high-use diagnostic equipment

Your specific coverage will depend on the insurance company that provides your coverage and how you and your company decide how the policy defines and structures your equipment breakdown. But the good news is that typically your coverage will protect your business financially for anything from a machine failure caused by power surges to power failures to burned-out motors or even operator errors.

Mosaic Insurance wants to help you to protect the equipment in your Prescott business with professional equipment coverage. For more information or to get coverage started, contact the experts at Mosaic Insurance today at 928-458-7374.



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