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Tips for local business's to protect themselves from cyber liability.

Cyber attacks. We’re all hearing about them; we read about them daily and many of us have experienced them.  Mosaic Insurance provides tips for local Prescott business's on the topic of cyber liability insurance in Prescott.  

As data breaches continue to surface and cybersecurity incidents grow exponentially in frequency, size, and cost, going at it alone is no longer an effective option.

Mosaic Insurance provides tips for avoiding cyber liability issues with your commercial business insurance in Prescott. 


Understand the evolving risks.  Cybersecurity preparedness starts with having a complete understanding of the internal and external vulnerabilities that can affect any business, how hackers can gain entry including their different methods and motives, and how to identify points of weakness.

Develop a security policy that is ingrained into corporate culture.  Defining protocols to abide by is critical, but in order to be effective, the policy must permeate throughout every process, every decision, and the whole mentality of the organization – squarely embedded into its overall business strategy and how each employee operates.

Pick up the phone.  Verify financial requests and confirm details by phone instead of relying on email to initiate or complete any financial transaction – whether you are dealing with your bank, vendors, clients, or employees.

Keep your software up to date.  Don’t delay updating your anti-virus software or other security applications. Up to date software will help you guard against the latest threats and keep your infrastructure secure.

Have an incident response plan and practice it.  Just like a fire drill, having a plan of action for responding to a cyber incident is crucial. Even more important, it should be practiced so that all your employees know exactly what to do in the event of a breach.


As cybercrime escalates and protection and preparedness become increasingly important for every organization, contact Mosaic Insurance for more information on how to protect your business.  If you have questions about this subject give Mosaic Insurance a call at 928-458-7374.



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