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The Need for Day Care Insurance

See Mosaic Insurance for Your Insurance Needs for Daycare Providers.Are you aware of the current insurance requirements for a daycare in Prescott?  Mosaic Insurance reminds you that, if you care for children in your home that are not yours, you should review the following to make sure that you are in compliance with existing requirements for daycare.

In order to care for children in your home, you need to obtain a proper license for your in-home daycare or day care facility, as well as a local business license. You will also be required to maintain the following minimum insurance requirements:

  • General liability: This provides coverage for property damage or personal injuries suffered by third-parties while they are in your place of business.
  • Premises liability: This covers the area surrounding your day care facility including the parking lot and play areas.
  • Professional liability: If you have teachers and/or childcare workers they are covered under this liability.
  • Non-owned or for hire auto liability: If you or any of your workers are driving children in privately owned vehicles, your business can be held liable for injuries or property damage if the driver is in an accident.
  • Corporal punishment liability: If you or one of your employees strikes a child or is accused of administering corporal punishment, your business can be held liable.
  • Abuse and molestation liability: If you or an employee of your daycare turns out to be sexually or otherwise abusive, your business can be liable for extremely expensive fines and medical payments.
  • Umbrella liability protection: This coverage provides additional liability protection beyond the limits of your insurance policy liability limits. Larger day care facilities may benefit from this added coverage.

Many homeowner insurance policies specifically exclude coverage for any business operation, so it is very important to find insurance protection for your Prescott child care business under a separate policy. Mosaic Insurance can provide Liability and Accident Medical Insurance for licensed, registered or certified individuals that run an in-home child care or family day care. Call Mosaic Insurance today to ensure your have the correct coverage for your daycare business at  928-458-7374.



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