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Summer home maintenance tips

Mosaic Insurance is your trusted insurance professional in Prescott.Summer is here, and that means you’re likely spending more time outdoors in the garden, picnicking, or just enjoying having friends over for a barbeque. Mosaic Insurance wants to ensure your home in Prescott remains a source of enjoyment, and offers these summertime maintenance tips.

Seasonal maintenance: Now is a good time to visually inspect your home, inside and out, for damage or wear and tear, any evidence of unwanted pests such as wildlife or rodents, and simply to make sure everything is where it should be.

Inside: Check door locks to be sure they are secure. Open and close doors and windows to confirm they close and latch properly, and check window screens for holes. Check electrical outlets for potential fire hazards, looking for frayed wiring or loose plugs. Inspect your toilet for leaks or issues with the float valve, and check the connections. Inspect washing machine hoses and now is a good time to replace any that show signs of cracking or leakage. Don’t forget the furnace filter, the clothes dryer vent and lint trap, and check under the dryer as well.

Outside: The harsh winter has possibly taken a toll on the exterior of your home. Check all wood structures, steps and decks for rot, deterioration, or loose boards and nails. Recreational equipment, such as swing sets, also need to be inspected for rusty bolts and sharp edges. Check windows and doors for exterior damage, and walk the perimeter looking for any other obvious changes or damage. Have a professional inspect your roof every few years to identify any potential leaks. Check for clogged gutters to prevent issues during the rainy season.

Your home should be a place to relax and enjoy the summer season. By taking steps to properly and regularly maintain your house, it will remain a source of pleasure for years to come. Regular maintenance may also save you money by preventing claims against your homeowners insurance. For a review of your homeowners insurance policy, contact Mosaic Insurance, your trusted insurance professionals in Prescott, at 928-458-7374, and learn more about the insurance services we provide



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