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Safety Meeting Topics

Safety Tip: Encouraging employees to warm up before work

Athletes, like weight lifters, know the importance of warming up prior to their event. Did you ever think that construction work would require some preparation work like warming up, too?... read more

Safety Tip: Keeping in shape helps prevent workplace injuries

Unless you're a fan of going to the gym, working out or staying in shape is probably not a topic of conversation. It’s even less likely to be part of... read more

Safety Tip: Workplace safety is common sense

One of the top concerns for businesses is employee safety. Providing proper training, a safe work environment, and the right equipment are standard practices to meet safety requirements. However, there... read more

Safety Tip: Accident and incident reporting procedures

Does your Prescott business have a procedure in place for accident and incident reporting? Mosaic Insurance wants to help protect your business, and offers some guidelines for your reporting procedures. The... read more

Safety Tip: Listening can increase workplace safety

Listening can prevent accidents and, for some businesses, save lives. Mosaic Insurance wants Prescott business owners to pay attention to the sound of your business's machinery and equipment. Generally every construction... read more

Safety Tip: Workplace accidents are avoidable

When an on-the-job injury occurs, the cause needs to be investigated. Accidents don’t just happen, they are caused. Mosaic Insurance reminds Prescott businesses that accidents are avoidable, and offers some... read more

Safety Tip: Caring for injured employees at your business

Employee safety is the highest priority for any business. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and it is vital that the right actions are taken to ensure your employees’ health and well-being.... read more

Safety Tip: Near misses at your workplace

Too many accidents are the result of unsafe behaviors or conditions coming into contact with an employee, visitor or customer. The result: Sometimes a simple injury and sometimes a tragedy.... read more

Safety Tip: The cost of accidents at your business

What does an accident cost? Every accident has something in common: It costs everyone involved something. There are direct and indirect costs, both to the employee who was injured and... read more

Safety Tip: Shop safety at your business

Many of the common safe work practices you and your employees adhere to in your Prescott business are probably the same or very similar to behaviors practiced by every business... read more

Safety Tip: Recognizing unsafe conditions at your business

Recognizing the possible hazardous and unsafe conditions in your workplace is not just the owner or management's responsibility. That job belongs to everyone. Mosaic Insurance helps Prescott business owners both... read more

Safety Tip: Why accidents occur in the workplace

Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions result in accidents. As a safety reminder to Prescott businesses from Mosaic Insurance, we will discuss why accidents occur in the workplace. Every accident is caused... read more

Safety Tip: Avoiding accidents in the workplace

It is the employer's job to keep employees safe from the many hazards found in today's workplace environments. Health and safety rules and regulations in the workplace are vitally important... read more

Safety tip for your business: Whose Responsibility Is It?

After an accident has occurred in the workplace, it is not uncommon for those who were nearby at the time of the injury to feel partly to blame. They may... read more
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