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Safe boating tips

It is starting to heat up!  Time to uncover that boat and get it into the water!  No matter how much experience you have, it’s always a good idea for everyone to review boating safety rules before departures. Mosaic Insurance wants you to be safe so they are giving you some basic boating safety tips to help:

1.    Be aware of the weather:  Always check local weather conditions before departure; TV, radio and internet forecasts can help.  Just make sure you are looking at the most recent forecast for your area.

2.    Have a Pre-Departure Checklist:  Use the Boy Scouts motto out there and “always be prepared.”  Following a pre-departure checklist is the best way to make sure nothing has been overlooked.

3.    Designate an Assistant Skipper:  Make sure more than one person on board is familiar with all aspects of your boat.  This way if the Captain gets hurt or sick, someone else is capable to get the craft to shore safely.

4.    Let someone know where you are going:  Always tell someone that is NOT going on your trip, where you are going.  Also give them the timeframe you expect to be gone.

5.    Make Proper Use of Lifejackets:  Did you know that the majority of drowning victims are the result of boaters not wearing their lifejackets? Make sure your family and friends are wearing them.  That’s why they are there!

6.    Avoid Alcohol:  Studies show that the probability of being involved in a boating accident doubles when alcohol is involved.  Mosaic Insurance recommends waiting till you are back on shore to enjoy your cold beverages.

With over 30 years of experience, let Mosaic Insurance take care of all your boating insurance needs in Prescott.  Please contact us at 928-458-7374



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