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Planning a Company Party?

Planning a Fall Party? - Helpful Tips from Mosaic Insurance in PrescottWith a change in the season coming up, it’s never been a better time to drum up business or treat your employees by having a party. But what happens if someone gets hurt during that party? Are you covered? Mosaic Insurance, Prescott’s leading independent insurance agency, is here to tell you about some of the different policies you might need to prevent liability in the case of an accident.

Make sure you are covered with general liability insurance if you plan on opening your building to trick-or-treaters and/or having a BBQ on the property. Accidents can happen, and a good scare might make a person fall and hurt themselves. Make sure you are protected for the specific type of Halloween fun that you plan. And, consider considering excess liability coverage just in case.

If you plan on serving alcohol, you need to make sure you have a post liquor liability insurance policy. Depending on what type of business you are, or if you have previously had parties serving alcohol at your location, you may already have one of these. If neither of those apply to you, you might want to consider getting an addition to your current policy.

If your business is a one that would potentially be serving food, performing at an event, or similar “festival/party service” occupations, you will most likely be asked about your own liability insurance to supplement your contractors’. If you are hosting an event, however, you may need to get an insurance policy that covers special events.

If you run a business from your home and decide to participate in handing out candy, make sure that your business is covered under a “business in home” endorsement on either your homeowner’s insurance or your business liability insurance. If the scope of your business exceeds what is applicable to the “business in home” endorsement, you might want to consider getting a business owner policy, which can apply to a wide range of occupations.

As you can see, selecting the right insurance – and the right amount – can be a difficult undertaking. That’s why Mosaic Insurance, your local Prescott commercial insurance agency, is here to help you out. We know the ins and outs of the insurance business and can make sure that you get the coverage you need for the most affordable price available. Give us a call at 928-458-7374



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