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Myths About Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance in Prescott ArizonaAt Mosaic Insurance of Prescott, we would like to bring to your attention that there are many myths with motorcycle insurance that people take as fact. This could cause trouble in the future if you get in an accident and find that your insurance didn't cover what you thought it did.

 Myth 1: Cancelling my motorcycle insurance in the winter will save me money and my homeowner's insurance will cover the motorcycle if it gets damaged or stolen.

 Home insurance does not cover motorcycles, and it will cost you more with a new policy in the summer because of a lapse in the coverage. It is also possible that ADOT could suspend your registration because they will get a notice that your insurance was canceled.

Myth 2: I just need the minimum motorcycle insurance coverage required by the state of Arizona.

 Motorcycles cant cause a lot of damage. A motorcycle could cause damage to another vehicles or cause an accident that causes other vehicles to hit each other . Remember if it was you fault, you would be responsible for the cost of the damage!

 Myth 3: I wont have to pay a deductible if the police say it wasn't my fault.

 It is actually your insurance company that makes the decision if the accident is your fault, the police only dictate whether you are criminally responsible for the accident. If your insurer investigates the accident and rules that it's not your fault, the company may indeed waive your deductible.

Myth 4: If I choose not to make a claim after an accident, my premiums won't increase.

 False. If your insurance company discovers that you were in an accident, it has the right to raise your rates. The other person in the accident might make a claim to your insurance company, this could raise both your rates.

 Myth 5: My Auto insurance will cover a motorcycle accident. 

Nope. Motorcycles are excluded from most auto insurance policies.

Here at Mosaic Insurance in Prescott, we can answer any questions you may have about motorcycle insurance. With 30+ years of experience, we can find the best policy tailored to you. Call us at (928) 458-7374.



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