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Motorcyclists need to get the right license

Mosaic Insurance reminds Prescott motorcyclists to get the right licenseThe weather is warming up and the idea of hitting the open road appeals to many. One of the many benefits of riding is experiencing closer contact with all the beauty of nature. Whether you choose to ride a bike for the thrill or for more practical reasons, like saving money on gas, the professionals at Mosaic Insurance want to remind Prescott riders of the motorcycle license requirements for riders in Arizona.

Requirements: Arizona requires riders to have a Class M motorcycle license. The rider must complete a motorcycle training course or at least 30 hours of riding experience. If you have a motorcycle license from another state, and your former home state required this type of training, you may be exempt from repeating the training.

Learners Permits: New riders under the age of 18 will be required to obtain an instructional permit, which is good for seven months and may be renewed. An approved motorcycle training course or 30 hours of riding experience must be completed during this time.

In addition, motorcycle riders must:

  • Pass a written exam
  • Pass an on-cycle skills test
  • Pass a vision screening

A complete list of all requirements can be found at the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles website

When considering becoming a motorcyclist, remember it’s important to be safe and legal. So before you strap on that helmet and ride, be sure you have proper coverage in place. For a free quote on motorcycle insurance in Prescott or for a complete review of your current coverage, contact Mosaic Insurance, your one-stop insurance professionals, at 928-458-7374, and learn more about insurance options.



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