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Monsoon Water Damage Prevention Advice

Water damage insurance coverage in prescott from Mosaic InsuancePrescott, AZ is no stranger to the monsoons that come through Arizona every summer.  Monsoons bring much needed moisture but sometimes at a great extent as they also bring with them the potential for floods and flood damage.

Torrential downpours, roof damage, flash flooding, uprooted trees, and water damage are just some of the things these unpredictable monsoon storms leave behind. Does this leave you wondering if you have adequate insurance coverage?

Water damage comes in many colors, from leaky pipes to flooding due to Arizona’s monsoon season. Mosaic Insurance would like to bring you some great tips for preventing water damage:

  • Maintain gutters and downspouts, keeping them free of debris and leaves and repairing them if they are sagging
  • Inspect your gutters' capacity - after fifteen minutes of heavy rain, if water overflows the gutters, install additional downspouts
  • Extend downspouts at least ten feet away from the house
  • Adjust landscaping and irrigation so that water flows away from the foundation
  • Drain subsurface groundwater and storm water with a sump pump system that has battery backup and replacement warnings
  • Prevent backflow of sanitary sewer water by installing backflow valves and standpipes at all basement drain locations, including sinks and toilets

If water damage does occur here are a few things you can do to recover from your dilemma:

  • Remove standing water to prevent structural damage
  • Dry all wet carpets, rugs and personal belongings to prevent mold growth
  • Use the services of a professional water mitigation company to sanitize, dry and prevent mold growth

If you have any questions about getting the right insurance coverage or in the event of a loss, call Mosaic Insurance in Prescott, AZ at 928-458-7374



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