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Prepare your home for Arizona's powerful monsoons

Mosaic Insurance reminds you to prepare your Prescott home for the monsoon season and invites you to contact Mosaic Insurance for a review of your homeowners insurance to make sure... read more

Homeowners insurance and personal liability coverage

Mosaic Insurance can help protect you and your Prescott home with personal liability coverage.Personal liability coverage is an important component of a homeowners insurance policy. Mosaic Insurance would like to... read more

Will homeowner’s insurance protect me from storm-driven power surges?

Mosaic Insurance can review your homeowner's policy and make sure your Prescott home and property are adequately covered.Monsoon season brings with it thunderstorms that cause power outages and even power... read more

Summer home maintenance tips

Summer is here, and that means you’re likely spending more time outdoors in the garden, picnicking, or just enjoying having friends over for a barbeque. Mosaic Insurance wants to ensure... read more

Tis the season...are you Firewise? Create defensible space

We’ve experienced an unusually light amount of rainfall so far this year. That, coupled with the wind, is a combination that puts us at risk for wildfires. Insurance is a... read more

Check if your home value has increased and if you are covered for that increase

It is an exciting time when the market is good and home values are increasing. This is the climate we are living in here in Prescott. Don’t forget to make... read more

Will installing solar panels on my home affect my homeowners insurance premiums?

Mosaic Insurance wants you to know solar panels are normally covered on your Prescott homeowners policySolar popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Over a million and a half people... read more

Just moved? Life Changes? Review Your Insurance Policies!

Insurance is something meant to protect you and your loved ones, and your home from the unexpected, but it can only do its job if the coverage is up to... read more

Check your Homeowners Policy for Coverage on your Jewelry

All homeowners normally have a policy to cover their homes - homeowners insurance - and make the assumption that it covers everything in the home. The reality is, most homeowners... read more

Tips for New Home Buyers

Buying your first home? When you’ve found your dream home, plan on spending some time doing necessary paperwork, part of which will likely be arranging financing for your home. Your... read more

Spring Cleaning Can Prevent Homeowner Insurance Claims

Mosaic Insurane reminds homeowners that Spring cleaning means checking for items that could cause insurance claims.Spring is just around the corner and Mosaic Insurance would like to suggest a few... read more

Tips For Valentine's Day Jewelry

It’s that time of year when love is in the air and you have to figure out the perfect gift for your loved one. Some choose chocolates, flowers, or a... read more

The Need for Day Care Insurance

Are you aware of the current insurance requirements for a daycare in Prescott?  Mosaic Insurance reminds you that, if you care for children in your home that are not yours,... read more

Hints to Prevent Water Damage

Even small leaks can turn into major problems, so knowing how to prevent water damage is a good thing to know. Sometimes just a little time and effort can prevent... read more

Advice for being ready for a power outage or emergency

Are you ready for a power outage or an emergency? Mosaic Insurance would like to suggest that in order to be prepared, all Prescott area residents should have an Emergency... read more

Avoiding Holiday Hazards

This is a wonderful time of year, but to keep the holidays truly happy Mosaic Insurance, your local independent insurance broker in Prescott, wants to remind you that it is... read more

Burning wrapping and other fireplace dangers

It’s the holiday season and everyone loves a crackling fireplace. If you are lucky enough to be a homeowner in Prescott with a fireplace you know there are somethings you... read more

Ways to Keep Your Home Safe for the Holidays

Sometimes we take many things for granted during the Holiday season. Mosaic Insurance would like to remind you that one thing you should not take for granted is the safety... read more

How to stay safe this Halloween

On Halloween night, there are hundreds of children per block, all looking for their fair share of candy. From ghoulies and ghosties, and other things that go bump in the... read more

Safety tips for households this Halloween

This Halloween, the one thing you don't want to be afraid of is people getting hurt on your property. Halloween is all about fun and candy, not worry and lawsuits.... read more

Creating a home inventory

With the recent weather tragedies this year, many homeowners are having to deal with submitting claims, unfortunately many were not prepared with a home inventory. Think of it, years of... read more

How to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance

Over time, the average price of a home, like anything else, increases. It’s especially true if you own a home in Prescott. Your home and property gain value and the... read more

Understanding Homeowners Insurance

Do you understand the need for homeowners insurance? Many time homeowners never really understand what they are buying into. Mosaic Insurance would like to share some information about homeowners insurance in... read more

Common Insurance Misconceptions

We always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The same is true when it comes to insurance. Heaven forbid if something bad should happen, but when it... read more

Commonly Misunderstood Homeowner’s Insurance Concepts

It’s easy to believe many of the myths about Prescott homeowner’s insurance and there are a few reasons. Misconceptions can begin with information on the internet that may have come... read more

10 Backyard Grilling Safety Tips

Grilling out back with friends and family is an American pastime.  With the weather turning nice, now is the time to get prepared.  Mosaic Insurance in Prescott wants you to... read more

Jewelry insurance information.

Did you just receive a beautiful piece of jewelry this Valentine's Day?  If you did, you will want to make sure this asset is protected on your insurance policy.  Mosaic Insurance would be... read more

How your homeowners insurance might be affected by Christmas lights

The holiday season is officially here, and if you are anything like Clark W. Griswold, your home is already decked out in twinkling lights.  As you can imagine, this can... read more

Common mistakes regarding home insurance in winter

Having visitors for the New Year? It’s important to make sure your home is safe, that way you limit accidents from occurring.  Mosaic Insurance provides tips on home fixes you... read more

The importance of home alarms

It doesn't matter if you are in a house, condo or apartment, Mosaic Insurance explains how smoke alarms and carbon-monoxide detectors are something you must absolutely have. They are important... read more

What you need to know about Safeco's Wildfire Defense Program

Since 2014, Safeco's Wildfire Defense Program has helped protect policyholder properties threatened by active wildfires. Because clients often look to you, their trusted advisor, before opting in to such a... read more

Fire Prevention Tips for Every Homeowner

As a homeowner, you will want to take steps in preventing a potential house fire. Fires can cause a great amount of damage not only to your property, but also... read more

What Affects the Cost of Homeowners Insurance?

Like auto insurance, the cost of homeowners coverage depends largely on where you live. Crime rates vary from community to community and so does the access to your local fire... read more

Do You Have Enough Coverage to Rebuild Your Home?

Imagine how devastating it would be to lose your home in a fire. Now imagine not being able to rebuild it completely because you didn’t have the correct amount of... read more

Condo or Condon’t - Condo Insurance

You’ve taken the plunge and opted for condo life.  Now that the papers are signed, it seems like everything is taken care of for you—building maintenance, roof repairs, landscaping, insurance,... read more

Tips for Lowering Homeowner’s Insurance Costs

1. Review the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) report on the property you’re interested in buying. CLUE reports detail the property’s claims history for the most recent five years, which... read more

Why a Home Inventory Is Important

Let’s try a little exercise: Can you list everything you own from memory? Didn’t think so. The fact is most people own more things than they realize. It’s easy to remember the... read more
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