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Fall Driver Safety Tips

Mosaic Insurance gives Fall driving tips for Prescott driversAutumn's just around the corner, and that means all of the fun of sweaters, hot drinks, and pumpkins. But what most people don’t consider when they think of fall is the danger that waits behind the wheel. Mosaic Insurance, and independent auto insurance agency in Prescott, is here to tell you some of the more unknown safety dangers that you may face when you’re driving this season.

Leaves are as dangerous as they are pretty. Leaves, especially when wet, can make for a nasty road obstacle. They could obscure a pothole or frozen spot, or potentially even be slippery enough to cause a slight slide. Drive slowly through large patches of leaves where the pavement isn’t visible underneath, and make sure to pay attention to the edge of the road and be mindful of all markings that may not be visible.

The daytime is getting shorter, so the time you spend squinting into the setting sun is getting longer too. Sun-glare is incredibly dangerous, and with the daytime shortening by 2 minutes daily, chances are you will be driving more with the sun in your eyes. According to the National Weather Service, avoiding east-west roadways, using streets with shade and tree cover, and keeping a clean windshield are some of the best things you can do to avoid a sun-glare related accident.

Fall is the rainy season for a reason. When you find yourself driving in the rain, make sure to keep a distance from all other cars and be mindful of how hard you stop, as wet roadways are a lot more slippery than dry roads. Be considerate to others when driving and make sure you never use high beams in heavy rain.

With rain comes ice. As Autumn begins to bring lower temperatures, be mindful of ice on bridges, shady spots, and potholes. If there’s a wet looking spot on the road, there’s a good chance that it could be ice. Make sure to be extra caution when driving early in the morning or in heavily shaded areas.

Humans aren’t the only ones getting cozy with the cooling temperatures. Autumn brings the beginning of deer mating season. As such, rural areas will be seeing a lot more deer activity at dawn and dusk. Make sure to be extra careful when driving in these areas. If you see a deer far in the distance, slow down, flash your lights on and off, and honk your horn a couple of times to de-mesmerize the deer from your approaching vehicle.

Following these tips can help you stay safe during this beautiful time of year. Although we hope an auto accident or mishap doesn’t happen, it’s a good idea to review your Prescott auto insurance policies before disaster strikes. Call Mosaic Insurance to see what you can do to save money and have greater peace of mind. You can reach us at 928-458-7374.



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