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Drivers should get familiar with traffic laws in other states before your next road trip

You’ve got the car packed and you’re ready for that long-awaited vacation. Before you cross the state line, be aware that different states have different traffic laws. Make sure you have familiarized yourself with the traffic laws where you plan to visit. Mosaic Insurance reminds Prescott drivers to know what the rules of the road are where you’re going.

Speed limits: Keep your eyes open for speed limit signs. The highway speed limit may differ slightly from state to state, ranging from 55 to 75 miles per hour.

Highways: Generally the left lane of traffic is for faster speed, and the right lane is considered the “slow” lane. If you find people are passing you on the right, you may want to move to the slow lane.

Seatbelts: Buckle up! All passengers should use seatbelts at all times, and children under 8 years of age should be in a child safety or booster seat.

Distracted Driving: Cell phone use is the top distraction for drivers. In some states the use of cell phones while driving is against the law. For safety’s sake, don’t text and drive, and use hands-free devices for phone calls.

Headlights: Some states require drivers to switch on headlights when the weather requires the use of windshield wipers.

Carpool Lanes: Lanes marked with a diamond shape or “HOV” are high occupancy vehicle lanes. Vehicles traveling in those lanes must have more than one person on board.

Emergency Vehicles: Most states have some type of “move over law” that requires you to change lanes if an emergency vehicle is parked on the side of the road.

We all look forward to that special time away, and Mosaic Insurance wants you to have a great vacation and return home safely to share your memories. Before you drive off into the sunset, let the experienced professionals at Mosaic Insurance take care of all your auto insurance needs in Prescott. Please contact us at 928-458-7374.



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