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Do you need personal watercraft insurance?

Boat insurance in prescott arizonaThere is nothing more exhilarating then riding your watercraft in the water, regardless if it's a boat or a Jet Ski, however, if you're new to owning a watercraft, you might have some questions about watercraft insurance. Mosaic Insurance in Prescott would like to share some information regarding watercraft insurance that might help you.

Is watercraft insurance required?

Some states like Arizona do not require watercraft insurance, however, it would be wise to have it. Watercraft Insurance can protect you from liabilities and provide medical coverage if you're injured. While some homeowners insurance plans might cover your watercraft, most do not. It depends on many factors like the size of the watercraft and what type of engine it has inside it

Do I need to take watercraft safety course before entering the water?

Arizona is one of the few states that do not require you to take a safety course. However, if this is your first watercraft it might be of value to take the course because most insurance agencies will discounts to those who have completed a safety course.

If it is not required, why should I bother getting watercraft insurance?

Watercraft insurance can protect you against liabilities if you are the cause in an accident. It can also cover your medical expenses if you are injured while operating a vessel.

Mosaic Insurance recommends watercraft insurance to protect your investment.  At Mosaic Insurance, we can find the best insurance policy that will fit your needs and budget. With over 30 years of experience, let Mosaic take care of all your watercraft insurance needs. Contact us at 928-458-7374.



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