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Creating a home inventory

Homeowners insurance in Prescott - Home inventory tips from Mosaic InsuranceWith the recent weather tragedies this year, many homeowners are having to deal with submitting claims, unfortunately many were not prepared with a home inventory. Think of it, years of accumulated belongings, lost in an instant. You should never suffer this, however having an inventory of your belongings will help when it comes to filing a claim. Mosaic insurance brings you these tips now, before you must file a claim on your Prescott area homeowners or renter insurance.

Here are our tips for your home inventory:

Be thorough with your list. The most important thing when creating a home inventory is being thorough. This is a time-consuming task, however once it is done you will only have to maintain the list. Holiday and birthday gadgets, anniversary and valentine’s day jewelry, or the occasional impulse purchase. This keeping it up to day does not take much time.

Choosing a place to store it. Spending your time to create the list is only half the battle. If it is digital, storing it on your computer, on a drive next to your computer, or somewhere it can be ruined by fire or water is not going to help. Going digital is safe if it is backed up to the cloud with additional copies in a safe location. If you have a physical copy, keep it off the premises or in a fire and water proof safe, once the coast is clear you will be able to retrieve it.

What info to collect. The biggest issue when it comes to filing a claim for missing and stolen items is verifying that you actually owned the items in question. Video footage and digital images are a great place to start.

The following are additional items we suggest:

  • Serial Numbers
  • Purchase Receipts
  • Description of the item
  • Estimated Value

Creating an inventory makes the process of replacing items through your insurance company easier, in case you should you ever fall victim to a natural disaster or a break-in. As mentioned before, keep this list safe, you have spent all the time putting it together. Be sure it is available when you need it.

An added benefit to having a home inventory is knowing how much insurance you actually need to be protected. From basement to attic, ceiling to floor, fixtures to nick-knacks, and everything in between. It all adds up.

Once you have completed your home inventory, it is the best time to review your home owner’s policy, we would love to help! Mosaic Insurance has been helping Arizona and Prescott area residents with their insurance needs for over 30 years. For a hassle-free review and quote, contact us at 928-458-7374.



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